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2013-2014 Season Coverage

Bisnow | November 14, 2013
Choral Arts!

"Choral Arts sang a magnificent Verdi's Requiem at the Kennedy Center..." Read more.

DC Metro Theater Arts
| November 12, 2013
Legacy and Life: A Musical and Visual Reflection at The Choral Arts Society of Washington at The Kennedy Center

"The audience sprang to their feet... for a rousing and heartfelt standing ovation, followed by two curtain calls, the chorus receiving the most enthusiastic applause and cheers." Read more.

The Georgetowner
| November 12, 2013
Choral Arts Salutes JFK With New Work and Verdi’s Requiem

"It was a beautiful and worthy tribute to a president, beloved by so many Americans." Read more.

"The Choral Arts Society of Washington presented an indelible season opener at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall on Sunday afternoon with a powerful and poignant performance marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy... the performers so immersed in creating music that was hauntingly tender and intense, bittersweet and reflective." Read more.

PREVIEW: Lasting Legacy
Doug Rule | Metro Weekly
November 7, 2013

"Already this fall there have been several local performances of Verdi's Requiem. The beloved masterwork, as Scott Tucker puts it, ''is often presented kind of as a museum piece.' But not so with Tucker's Choral Arts Society of Washington. ''We're trying to present it in a way that is relevant to our context right now." Read more.

PREVIEW: WETA Classical Conversations: Scott Tucker
Deborah Lamberton
November 5, 2013

WETA Senior Producer/Music Host Deborah Lamberton interviews Scott Tucker in anticipation of Legacy and Life: A Musical and Visual Reflection, the first concert of the 2013-2014 season. Listen to the interview.

Bisnow - The Scene | October 2, 2013
Choral Arts
"Last night we also went to the home of Rob Liberatore to celebrate another year of fabulous entertainment by Choral Arts." Read more.

WashingtonExec | October 15, 2013
Robert Liberatore Hosts 2nd Pre-Gala Reception; Leading Up to Choral Arts Gala
"Robert Liberatore of Spring Valley D.C. hosted a gathering of over 75 Choral Arts supporters, new and long-standing, including the Gala’s Honorary Patrons Ambassador of Italy and his wife Laura Denise Bisogniero." Read more.

Choral Arts Board Member George Wilson Hosts Pre-Gala Reception; Leading Up to Gala in December
WashingtonExec | October 10, 2013

"'My introduction to the Choral Arts was years ago when attending my first Choral Arts Holiday Concert and Gala: There is no other event in D.C. like it,' said Wilson, as he welcomed his guests. 'I have supported Choral Arts ever since, and I encourage you to do the same.'” Read more.


WashingtonExec | July 17, 2013

Gala Chair Olwen Pongrace says: “Choral Arts is an amazing arts organization that epitomizes how good art positively impacts community... For 48 seasons, this organization has presented significant, critically-acclaimed choral works in the Kennedy Center and in other renowned venues around the world, while also being committed to connecting under-resourced children in Washington, D.C. to the power of music through its award-winning student concerts and education programs.” Read more.

Bisnow - The Scene | May 2, 2013
"Yesterday, 10 former Choral Arts gala chairs gathered at lunch at Le Zinc to welcome this year's gala chair Olwen Pongrace for the Dec 16 gala with the Italian Ambassador and his wife." Read more.

2012-2013 Season Coverage


Bisnow - The Scene | May 15, 2013
"Stokes... sang many of his signature songs with the Choral Arts chorus, including 'The Impossible Dream' from Man of La Mancha, 'When You Walk Alone' from Carousel, and 'The Wheels of a Dream' from Ragtime, receiving a thunderous standing ovation. Read more.

Broadway World | May 14, 2013
Brian Stokes Mitchell In Concert at the Kennedy Center
"It was fun to watch the chorus enjoy themselves with ‘The Little Things You Do Together’ from Company. They were incredibly animated.” Read more.

DC Metro Theater Arts | May 13, 2013
5 Stars
“Broadway legend and Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell and the Choral Arts Society of Washington wowed a Mother’s Day crowd with a feel-good repertoire of Broadway and instant classics at The Kennedy Center Concert Hall…” Read more.

DC Theatre Scene | May 13, 2013
The Choral Arts Society Chorus “and Stokes each presented several individual selections, all of which were extraordinarily strong. However, when his voice and the choral voices melded together, it was pure magic.” Read more.

The He Said She Said Experience | May 13, 2013
“The Choral Arts Society Chorus of Washington did an amazing job. From the first moments of the program until the lovely finale, they were astounding… Kudos to conductor Scott Tucker and everyone in The Choral Arts Society Chorus for giving such a beautiful example of choral arts!” Read more.

Maryland Theatre Guide | May 13, 2013
“Hearing the great Tony Award winning Broadway baritone Brian Stokes Mitchell sing some of Broadway’s most famous songs is one of today’s great pleasures. Add to that The Choral Arts Society Chorus made up of 175 plus vocalists, conducted by Scott Tucker, and you have something truly memorable.” Read More.

Metropolitan Arts | June 13, 2013
“This was a spectacular event. Hearing Brian Stokes Mitchell perform the songs of the great American Broadway Songbook, alongside The Choral Arts Society Chorus with conductor Scott Tucker was an amazingly stunning program, programmatically and vocally. Three cheers for Broadway, Brian Stokes Mitchell and the Choral Arts Society!” Read more.



Broadway World | May 7, 2013
"I'm not sure if I've ever looked more forward to a Mother's Day in a long time." Read more.

The Washington Examiner | May 11, 2013
"Brian Stokes Mitchell regards Washington as his second home, and no wonder." Read more.

Bisnow - The Scene | May 2, 2013
"Yesterday, 10 former Choral Arts gala chairs gathered at lunch at Le Zinc to welcome this year's gala chair Olwen Pongrace for the Dec 16 gala with the Italian Ambassador and his wife." Read more.

NEWS: A Clean Sweep at the Top, Musical Chairs bring fresh talent to Washington
Roland Flamini
Washington Life | May 2013

"Suddenly, the winds of change are blowing through Washington's main musical institutions. In the past few months, key shapers of what District audiences can hear in the opera house and concert hall have been replaced for one reason or another. The full impact won't be felt immediately - artists and programs are chosen well in advance. But the appointments carry the promise of new energy and fresh ideas to combat the challenge of steadily declining ticket sales." Read about Scott Tucker and Norman Scribner.


Metropolitan Arts | April 23, 2013
[Choral Arts] "is a large ensemble of beautifully blended voices that echo throughout the cathedral with glorious vibrato." Read review.

Washington Life | April 29, 2013
"The Choral Arts Society of Washington‘s performance of Brass, Brahms and Britten, was not Artistic Director Scott Tucker‘s first production with the society, but it marked a new era." Read review.

The Washington Post | April 15, 2013
"[Scott] Tucker charged into every item on the program, demonstrating he is clearly an ardent, driven champion fully in command at every moment." Read review.

PREVIEW: WETA Classical Conversations: Scott Tucker
Deborah Lamberton
April 9, 2013

WETA Senior Producer/Music Host Deborah Lamberton interviews Scott Tucker on the occasion of the concert Brass, Brahms, and Britten - his first full-length classical concert at Artistic Director of Choral Arts. Listen to the interview.

FEATURE: "From Cornell to Choral Arts"
Patrick McCoy
Washington Life | April 2013
Joining the rich fabric of the Washington choral music scene, conductor Scott Tucker, 55, talks about leaving his academic post with Cornell after 17 years to take the baton at Choral Arts Society of Washington and the road ahead in this new season of music making. Read full story.



Bisnow - The Scene | February 12, 2013
"There was an uplifting, sold-out concert honoring Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela at the Kennedy Center Sunday by the combined Choral Arts and WPAS Men and Women of the Gospel choirs." Read more.

DC Metro Theater Arts | February 12, 2013
"I found it difficult to name one personal favorite, as the entire program was outstanding..." Read more.

The Washington Informer | February 14, 2013

Washington Life | March 1, 2013
"Concluding the first half of the program were the combined choirs and Step Afrika in the well-known 'Siyahamba.' This is where Tucker won over the audience, first by welcoming them to join in the experience and also establishing that he was the conductor by jokingly scolding when the audience continued to sing, but not at his direction. In that moment Tucker asserted himself as the director and the audience ate it up." Read more.

COVERAGE: Choral Arts Young Patrons' Carols and Cocktails
Miss A Charity Meets Style | December 19, 2012

"Monday night I stepped out of my traditional holiday party routine and made my way over to the Kennedy Center for The Choral Arts Society of Washington: An Enchanted Christmas concert... What I found? The perfect Christmas concert." Read more.


Bisnow - The Scene | December 18, 2012
"Last night, we went to the Choral Arts Society's 32nd annual holiday concert and dinner gala at the Kennedy Center. 600 people, including dignitaries, enjoyed the 90-minute concert before the gala." Read more.

DC 50 Hot Spots | December 17, 2012

Hollywood on the Potomac | December 22, 2012
"The Choral Arts Society’s An Enchanted Christmas holiday concert at The Kennedy Center truly was an enchanting evening." Read more.

WashingtonExec | January 2, 2013

Washington Life | February 2013

DC Metro Theater Arts | December 25, 2012

"Catherine Flye as Grandma in Choral Arts Society’s Family Christmas Concert: Through Children’s Eyes at the Kennedy Center. Read more.

DC Metro Theater Arts | December 18, 2012

"Start a tradition – this nostalgic annual Choral Arts Society of Washington’s Family Concert is a delightful treat good to always have on your Christmas holiday calendar." Read more.

PREVIEW: Choral Arts Young Patrons' Carols and Cocktails
Miss A Charity Meets Style | December 12, 2012

"Monday night, the Choral Arts Young Patrons, a network of local young professionals and music lovers, will ring in the holiday season with a festive evening filled with music and fun at their annual holiday party Carols and Cocktails." Read more.


Bisnow - The Scene | December 7, 2012
"Last night we also went to a Choral Arts reception and tree lighting at the Canadian Embassy with a spectacular view of the Capitol." Read more.

Bisnow Real Estate | December 7, 2012
"Last night at the Canadian Embassy, we joined DTZ SVP and broker extraordinaire Cathy Jones..." Read more.

The Georgetowner | December 12, 2013
"Members of the Choral Arts Chorus serenaded guests following the festive tree lighting..." Read more.

WashingtonExec | December 10, 2012
"The Embassy of Canada held its Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Holiday Reception on Thursday, December 6th, with Ambassador of Canada to the United States and host Gary Doer, who is also the Gala’s Honorary Patron." Read more.



Bisnow - The Scene | November 9, 2012
"Last night we also went to a cocktail party for Choral Arts patrons at the home of Nick and Deborah Smith; there are so many people to congratulate we don’t know where to start!" Read more.

Bisnow - Tech | November 12, 2012
Tech Supports the Arts
"Tech companies like General Dynamics, Salient Federal Solutions, PE Systems, and NetApp have been supporters of the annual gala..." Read more.

The Georgetowner | November 14, 2012
"It was a relaxed evening among fervent supporters." Read more.

WashingtonExec | November 30, 2012
"Choral Arts Artistic Director Scott Tucker led a Christmas sing-along that featured 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,' 'White Christmas,' and 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.' Read more.


Washington Life | November 13, 2012

"It was wonderful to see a diverse audience in attendance at this entertaining concert. Adventurous programming like La Música Latina present opportunities for those new to classical music to become further engaged." Read more.

WashingtonExec | November 28, 2012

“'We are not just creating music, we are creating humanity,'” said Mr. Schuiling. Read more.

COVERAGE: WashingtonExec | November 26, 2012
The Choral Arts Society’s George and Ashley Wilson Throw Kickoff Reception In Preparation for Holiday Gala December 17th

“'Choral Arts is delighted to welcome George and Ashley as co-chairs of this year’s gala,' said Debra Kraft, Choral Arts Executive Director. 'We are also thrilled to partner with the Embassy of Canada for the first time in the Gala’s 32 year history.'” Read more.


Ionarts | November 6, 2012
"His choral forces, the full expanse of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, thrilled with an amplitude of sound even at the peaks of Beethoven's outrageous range demands, murmured warmly when required, and communicated the text more than clearly..." Read more.

The Washington Post | November 2, 2012
"Here’s a piece that justifies the existence of an orchestra — and soloists and a chorus (here, the Choral Arts Society), all raising their voices together in what was meant as an ultimate statement of a much-questioned faith, and not only the composer’s own. Read more.


Bisnow - The Scene - Where to Be Seen

WashingtonExec | December 5, 2012
"Meet Catherine 'Cathy' Jones, a long-time member and supporter of the Choral Arts through her volunteer and charity work." Read more.

Bisnow - Real Estate | November 15, 2012
"In the audience, we found... DTZ's Cathy Jones... [who] reminds us that everyone should buy tickets for the annual Choral Arts Society gala at the Kennedy Center on Dec. 17, for which she’s been finance chairman seven year." Read more.

WashingtonExec | September 24, 2012
"The Choral Arts Society of Washington’s George and Ashley Wilson will chair the 32nd Annual Holiday Concert & Gala, “In the Moon of Wintertime.” Read more.

Washington Life Magazine | September 2012